Doctor Who Infinity

Katy voices two new digital interactive games from Tiny Rebel Games.

Doctor Who Infinity Story 2: The Orphans of the Polyoptra

Written by Gary Russell (as his final Doctor Who story), drawn by David Roach, and coloured by Dylan Teague. Voice over was recorded with Katy Manning (“Jo Grant”) and directed by Gary Russell. The story, as told in flashback by Jo Jones to her nephew in the style of a classic Doctor Who 4-part story arc, begins at the height of World War 2 as the Third Doctor and Jo Grant find themselves trapped in what appears to be a German bombing in a small mining town. Here they meet a young orphan girl and her strange companion, who are not at all what they appear to be, and who desperately need their help to travel back to 1842, to a time when the local children still faced the treacherous danger of daily work in the mines.

Doctor Who Infinity Story 3: The Lady of the Lake

The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler find themselves pulled into a thematic retelling of a legendary Welsh tale whilst visiting the Black Mountains of Wales. A dense fog, as well as a full blown alien war have descended on a small village. Luckily the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler have just arrived on holiday. As a piece of alien weaponry poses an existential threat to mankind, the Doctor has to team up with a local poet as they try to unravel the mysteries of why a Lady has been seen walking over the surface of Llyn-y-Van Bach Lake, and why all the animals nearby have been dying at midnight. Written by Scott Handcock Drawn by Neil Edwards Colored by John-Paul Bove and Dylan Teague Featuring Celyn Jones, Katy Manning, and Marilyn Le Conte.